roses are blue, violets are blue and ladies are too
BY sophie dickinson

opening saturday 20 july, 4.30-6.30pm
exhibition runs 18 – 28 juLY 2019

Unpacking a public and private self, informed by feminine stereotypes and pop culture, this series delves into a conversation between physical appearance and internal monologue. Imagery sourced from popular Euro/American based television shows such as Skins or Gossip Girl are scattered throughout the series. The Hollywood mould that a teenage girl fits is highlighted through the reproducible medium, cyanotype, one of the rare photographic techniques made known by a woman, Anna Atkins. Layers of typically feminine associated symbols such as roses are able to be repeated throughout the works, with the cyanotype blue reflecting the monotonous nature of female stereotypes.
In contrast to this, embroidery is used to spell out an internal monologue. Phrases that would disturb the cool, party girl facade that Iffy and Serena van der Woodsen ooze, overlap the imagery. A tension is created between Hollywood's romanticised version of a teenage girl and the more everyday thoughts of a young woman. In doing so, a humanness is exposed, often concealed by societal expectations of appearance and behaviour informed and reiterated by popular television.