kaleidOscope of my mind
by emily bell: exhibition runs 19.04 - 5.05



“I draw from the kaleidoscope of my imagination. The images that I create arise through mindfulness meditation. I hold an ink pen in my hand, and begin. Repetitive shapes, moody colors, delicate textures, layered and joined. Universal creatures birthed on the page. 

The creatures I create are personal and intimate yet also universal. They live inside me yet are also boundless and free. Much like myself, these creatures move and pause with curiosity, following their intuition from one moment to the next. 

I am continually inspired by changing and evolving scenes and seasons, by company and solitude, by holding and being held. 

I work professionally as a creative art therapist and an intuitive cook. I am a self taught artist and believe that creativity is born through trusting the process, and allowing what wants to be birthed to arise”

Emily Bell, 2018