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TooT Artspace is an intimate and supportive, artist run, contemporary art space in the heart of St Kilda. TooT Artspace is an affordable art space which creates a more inclusive environment for artists to test out new and more challenging ideas - A place to interact with their peers and the wider public. The window shop front showcases a collection of small affordable artworks including artist books and handmade zines. Which leads into the small but perfectly formed exhibition space featuring 2 & 3 week shows.

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The space

TooT Artspace is an indépendant space in St Kilda.
Exhibitions are available to contemporary artists for a 2 week slot (all inclusive)

Toot Artspace offers selected artists electronic mail out, social media press, opening night bar operations 6-8pm and manning of the show from Wed- Sat. If the artist would like the show to be open any other day they are able to sit the show also.


TooT Artspace can also be booked for a one night performance (Prices based on a daily rate) and also has a Video Nook that is available for free.

Exhibiting artists also have the opportuniy to have an artwork in the front shop and online after their Exhibition has concluded.



Gallery 3 week exhibition slot- $675
($750 for 2 artists, $890 for 3+ groups)
TooT Mini space (moving image nook i) - free
One night event - *price varies

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