electric prisms

opening saturday 19 october 4-6pm
Runs 17 - 27 Oct 2019

"I spent a lot of time driving in early 02017 as I tried to get my infant daughter to nap. It was a time when I was reflecting deeply on the state of the world - not uncommon for a new parent. We live in a time of rampant climate change, of political tension and rising nationalism. I could often get caught up in it all, the overwhelming knowledge that this tenuous environment was the world I had brought my daughter into.
On these drives, I found myself increasingly drawn to the wind farms in the surrounding landscape. I’d sit in my car and watch their arms sweep the sky; the rhythm calmed me.
In 01914, Sonia Delaunay was so inspired by the newly installed electric lampposts on the streets of Paris, that she painted a work exploding with colour and rhythm. The world in 01914 was not calm; like now it was coming to terms with a society transformed by new technologies, global politics were precarious and Europe was on the precipice of the First World War. In the centre of all this Delaunay walked down a street in Paris and saw the promise of the future.
Looking at this painting from over a century ago, I see not only a connection between the subject matter, nor just the historical similarities – I see now.
The winds that propelled progress in Sonia Delaunay’s Paris are the same that propel us now. But what I see when I look at the wind turbines is opportunity, a chance to slow down, to change direction. Like Delaunay’s Electric Prisms, I see the wind turbines resonate hope in the landscape.
I see the future. A deep future. I see optimism."
Mairin Briody